Orville Finally Flies Free

“I wish I could fly,
Right up to the sky,
But I can’t,”


The mournful words of a baby bird in a nappy, that captured the nation’s hearts back in 1982.

Orville the duck began his maiden flight home today, and the light entertainment world is sad to see him go. It is thought that the death of his writing and comedy partner, the ventriloquist Keith Harris prompted his decision to fly to warmer shores.

Even Cuddles the Monkey, Orville’s fiercest rival tweeted:

“I hate that duck! But I’ll miss him,”

Longtime pal Roland Rat said in a statement:

“This is really shit maaaaaan. I’m proper bummed out by the news. He was a gentleman and a fantastic entertainer,”

Gordon the Gopher is said to be “inconsolable” and Edd the Duck described him as an “inspiration and a true professional”.

“He influenced and entertained a whole generation,”

Said Edd the Duck, adding that his trademark green Mohican was inspired by Orville’s fluffy green coat.

Basil Brush told press this afternoon:

“The thing I’ll always remember about Orville, was that he had a lot of integrity. Sure, he could get his own way with those big eyes, and we had our share of fun behind the scenes. But I’ll never forget him telling Ricky Gervais to shove his poxy script up his arse, when it turned out he wanted Keith to be a racist bigot on ‘Extras’. I thought to myself then, that’s a duck with principles as well as talent. Boom boom!”

Pratchett Fans Ask Death To ‘Take Clarkson Instead’

The sun has set for the final time upon the city of Ankh-Morpork, and fans of beloved author Terry Pratchett are already asking Death to do ‘Swapsies’ for Jeremy Clarkson.

terry pratchett

A fan from Dublin said:

“I know Mort said ‘THERE’S NO JUSTICE. JUST US.’ but it’s just so horribly unfair. It’s not much to ask to bring him back, and take that egotistical, flappy-faced bigot Jeremy Clarkson instead, and we’ll even throw in Robin Thicke or E.L James. We’ll all pretend it never happened,”

A bereavement councillor, atheist and voracious reader said:

“Bargaining is a natural stage of grief, and many of us try to make a deal with God, Death and other supernatural forces as a way of coping with loss. Not once, in any single case has this ever worked. It is about as effective as asking the dog to do the washing up. But oh go on Death, just this once. Go on go on go on,”

During his 44-year career, Sir Terry wrote more than 70 books, which were translated into 37 languages, and read by an estimated 70 million people. Many fans credit the books with helping them to mentally escape difficult circumstances, as well firing their imaginations and inspiring some to write.

“Pratchett is our most-stolen author. We’ve replaced ‘Good Omens’ in excess of 15 times since it came out,”

Said a librarian from Leeds.

“I’m looking forward to ordering a complete new set of Discworld novels, as many of them will inevitably go missing in the days and weeks to come. And while nothing beats the smell of a new book, a brand-new Pratchett book hot off the press always just smelled a little more exciting. I’m really going to miss that. Can’t somebody have a word up there, and maybe swap him for, I don’t know, Jeremy Clarkson?”

Spock Returns To Mother Ship

Beloved extra-terrestrial Captain Spock has been beamed up to the Mothership one last time, and taken home.


After saying his farewells to earthlings via Twitter, the stoic Vulcan saluted, and the corners of his mouth raised up slightly as he waved goodbye, before peacefully fading away in front of the eyes of fans.

Beginning his career on earth in 1964 as the science officer in the pilot that would become ‘Star Trek’ as we know it today, the native Vulcan carved a place in the hearts of TV and movie fans worldwide.

“It is logical for me to go home now,”

Spock is reported to have said before he began his journey. He now begins the epic trip, not to “Where no man has gone before,” but to “From whence no traveller has yet returned,”

Greatly missed by countless fans here on earth, well-wishers are mourning his departure, and wishing him an interesting journey.