New Game Of Thrones To Contain 50% More Tits

The new season of the popular HBO fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones’ is to contain up to 50% more actresses’ tits.

game of thrones

The writers of the show said:

“Although this is one of the best written shows out there at the moment, it can get a bit dark sometimes. We really felt it needed a couple of extra pairs of breasts jiggling about in each episode, a few more lesbians licking each other’s faces, and a couple more minges. We haven’t decided whose yet,”

The writing team on Game of Thrones are quick to point out that much of the nudity and sex featured in the show is integral to the plot.

“These are pertinent tits that help drive the story forward. Without the actresses’ tits, it would just be a load of really good looking people wandering about on the first day of Glastonbury. By increasing the titty-count on the show and putting more horny lesbian prostitutes in, we can add to the drama and suspense of the show as a whole,”