Gays ‘Steal Souls Of Small Children’ Claims Ukip Leaflet

Leaflets claiming that teaching equality is ‘sexual grooming’ and accusing gays of malevolent witchcraft have been handed out at a spring conference in Margate. The literature claims that gays and lesbians want to steal the souls of unborn babies and primary school children and turn them gay, as part of a ‘recruitment drive’.

Describing how Satan gives gays special powers to remove and interfere with the souls of babies and young children, by recitation of barbaric words and blood rituals involving chickens and goats, the leaflet goes on to state:

Satanic transgender imp Baphomet is said to assist predatory gays with their disgusting rituals.

Satanic transgender imp Baphomet is said to assist predatory gays with their disgusting rituals.

“These ceremonies often take place in sauna near to the school, or at a private house. A number of animals are sacrificed, after which there is a gay orgy to raise a cone of power above the school. The children’s souls are sucked up into a vortex and sent to hell, where Satan turns them all gay. Then the souls are returned to the children intact, apart from where Satan’s imps might have nibbled on them a bit. The child then begins to develop gay interests, ensuring ‘fresh blood’ for the gay community ten years down the line,”

The leaflet also explains why the LGBT community is hell-bent on turning children gay:

“As such people cannot reproduce, obviously their jealousy and covetousness means that they will attempt to steal the souls of the unborn and the young. By teaching ‘equality’ and acceptance of alternative lifestyles, the government has given gays carte blanche to suck out the souls of developing foetuses, and turn otherwise healthy young pupils into gay children, thus ensuring the destruction of the human race,”

“Primary school age children taunting each other about being gay, and using language like dyke and faggot is a healthy and necessary stage of heterosexual development. This ensures an appropriate level of shame and isolation, which prevents children becoming homosexual later in life, and sometimes leads to the self harm, depression and suicide of young gays and lesbians, which can only have a positive impact on the country as whole,”

Small Boy Dangled From Window As Punishment For Lateness

This shocking photo shows the third floor window that 6 year old Tex Texan junior, from Texas, was dangled from by one leg.


This bizarre and dangerous stunt is the punishment given to children that are as little as ONE MINUTE late.

Tearful Tex was held by the left leg and dangled from the four-storey window of the elementary school in Texas for exactly one minute – the amount of time he was late to class that morning. Classmates jeered and clapped as the dangling took place.  An industrial crane is sometimes used to dangle children that skip school deliberately, but school authorities maintain that this is usually used on teenagers that listen to rap music and say naught things about God, and rarely on 6 year olds.

The boy’s grandmother posted a photo of the crying child, in the hope that the school would receive loads of moany emails about it.

The principal of the school has now met with the parents, and agreed to stop dangling children out of windows as punishment.

“This is not a punishment,”

The school insisted.

“Being dangled out of a window by one leg is an opportunity to reflect upon tardiness and missed work, and not intended to terrorise or humiliate pupils,”