Gigantic Stupid Cockwombles Tag Themselves Safe In Nepal Earthquake

Earthquakes can be terrifying and horrible, particularly if they happen on your street. Fortunately some complete and total cockwombles have found a way to lighten the mood, for those of us that haven’t have to climb out of a pile of rubble today.


Darren Brick, a massive tool from Milton Keynes tagged himself and his girlfriend while they were in the pub.

“We’ve never been to Nepal. We don’t even know where it is. All this depressing stuff on Facebook is annoying and I thought it would be funny,”

He said, drinking his douchey drink with his moronic face.

An expert in Cockwomblery from Oxford university said:

“Unfortunately, some people are just born cockwombles. It’s like they’ve been dropped on their heads as infants and then forced to watch endless re-runs of ‘Big Brother’ until they literally can’t form a sensitive response to something without turning into a shit comedian.  I would feel sorry for them, if I didn’t think they needed a nice, relaxing swim in a piranha tank,”