Deal Or No Deal Banker Revealed As Mr. Blobby

Deal Or No Deal has been on our screens since 2005.  But until now, the identity of the enigmatic man speaking to Noel Edmonds on the retro telephone has remained a slightly sexy mystery, as we imagined a mildly angry, good looking stockbroker with a hedge fund the size of the QE2.  But we can now exclusively reveal that the banker is none other than Mr. Blobby, the burbling, pink star of Noel’s House Party.

Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Blobby confirmed long-held suspicions that he was the mysterious, and sometimes mean financial risk expert, that bargained with the show’s contestants over the contents of the show’s famous red and blue boxes.

“BLOBBY BLOBBY BLOBBY! BLOBBY BLOOBY!” said Blobby, belly-bouncing a makeup artist out of the second floor window of the Vanity Fair offices. “BLOBBY BLOBBY!”

Blobby and Edmonds have worked together for nearly twenty years, and ‘Deal or No Deal’ was partly Blobby’s idea. The show’s host Noel Edmonds said:

“I’ll never forget it. We were sitting in the green room having a cup of tea, and Blobby said “BLOBBY! BLOBBY BLOBBY!” and I thought yeah, that idea has legs. So we pitched it. It needed a bit of tweaking. It was originally going to involve water-cannons and buckets of slime, but Blobby pointed out that BLOBBY BLOBBY BLOBBY, and it was obvious we had to strip the show right back to basics,”

Reports that the Stig from Top Gear is also Mr. Blobby remain unconfirmed.