Dolce & Gabbana Slag Off Elton John’s Dog

Italian fashion duo Dolce & Gabbana recently upset Elton John by suggesting that IVF children were somehow inferior and ‘made of chemicals’.

elton john

Now the wacky pair have turned their attention to Elton’s cocker spaniel Arthur.

“He’s a crap dog! Simply crap!” said Domenico Dolce during an extraordinary rant, during which he accused Arthur of not being able to bury bones properly, and for chasing his tail for hours on end, because he was “too stupid” to realise he was chasing his own behind.

“He would be destroyed at Crufts. He is worthless. People only like him because he is Elton’s dog. If you saw that dog on the street, you would kick it. He is worthless and shit. He should be made into sausages and fed to a superior dog,”

Victoria Beckham took a swipe at the design due on Twitter.

“We is not mates any more. Stop being mean about Arthur he is a nice dog,”

Cocker spaniel Arthur John said:

“This is all extremely distasteful to both purebred and mongrel dogs, and those remarks were thoughtless and weird. They used to be good friends of Elton’s, but I think they’ve been scratched off the Christmas card list now, the silly pair of twats,”