Sex, Drugs And Magic Hoovers. Tellytubbies – The Hacienda Years

“Tinky Winky snorted white heroin in The Gay Traitor bar, and we had to run him to hospital in a pink wheelbarrow,”

The Tellytubby's early incarnation was inspired by bands such as Joy Division.

The Tellytubby’s early incarnation was inspired by bands such as Joy Division.

A close friend of the Tellytubbys during their ‘Madchester’ years has written a tell-all book, which details their voracious appetite for drugs and rave music during their surreal TV show years.

It was the long hot summer of 1996, when the whole world smelled of cigarettes and rock n roll. This is the untold story of the four biggest party animals in Manchester, and how their debauchery nearly destroyed the whole scene – and themselves.

Author Andrew Wood (not his real name) said:

“They were animals. I can’t believe they’re all still alive. Sean Ryder was terrified of them. Tink was definitely the worst, although I once found Po off her face in a grit bin at the back of the Hacienda, cradling a dead hedgehog, and asking it to lend her a tenner for a packet of smokes and a mint Cornetto. I tried to pull her out because it was snowing, and she kicked me in the face and knocked me out, because she thought I was an alien,”

Noel Gallagher was interviewed for the book’s introduction, and he describes how much influence the Tellytubbys had during the latter part of the ‘Hacienda Years’.

“Everybody knew who they were, and you just didn’t f*** with the Tellytubbys. Dipsy was OK, but the rest of them were dicks. They were just really up themselves, pretending all this babytalk stuff and magic hoovers was all surreal and arty and just for kids. It was all about drugs. That hoover in the show – that was a running joke about Tinky Winky’s coke habit. What was it called? Noo-Noo? That’s the noise Tink makes when he wakes up and the hooker from last night has run off with his stash,”

The book also describes Dipsy’s battle with heroin, during which his management had to lock him in a room and force-feed him Nutella through a tube, because he was losing so much weight.

The Tellytubby’s management have unsuccessfully applied for a gagging order on the book, which is said to contain ‘explosive’ material, set to blow the lid off the mythos surrounding the infamous club of the 1990’s.

“If you’ve never seen Kermit from Black Grape chasing La-La around the streets of Manchester with a baseball bat at 4 in the morning, then you weren’t really there,”

‘Tellytubbies – The Hacienda Years’ is available to pre-order on Amazon.

Peppa Pig In Rehab For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

The animated star of British preschool TV show ‘Peppa Pig’ has gone into rehab to treat an £800 a day drug habit.

peppa pig

“She’s put so much coke up that snout of hers, I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off,” said one of the other animals on the show, who declined to be named.

“She’s alright if she’s had a sniff, and she smokes a lot of weed to calm her nerves. But you can tell when she hasn’t had her fix, because she starts arguments with producers and refuses to come out of her trailer. The rabbits won’t go anywhere near her, after she got one up against the wall and accused it of trying to put her off her lines,”

Although Peppa Pig is often seen happily jumping in muddy puddles, in real life Peppa is “pathologically phobic” of mud and germs, leading to the actress feeling stressed and “abusing drugs in order to cope with the demands of the show,”

It is claimed that many of the show’s tearful scenes involving George, who plays Peppa’s little brother, are not staged or scripted.

“She’s an absolute shit to him. It’s horrible to watch,”

Said a former producer of the show. “But the director loves it. They have this sort of agreement, where she’ll just start teasing him and making him cry, and they keep the camera rolling until he’s in tears. It’s absolutely barbaric, but it gets the ratings, and that’s really all she cares about,”

Peppa is expected to remain at the plush rehabilitation center in Surrey for two weeks, in an attempt to break free from the cocktail of prescription and illegal drugs that she claims “Get me through the day,”

The decision was prompted after Peppa threw a tantrum on set, calling the director and crew ‘wankers’ and the other cast members ‘nobody, two-bit, animated bastards,”

“It was out of character,”

Claimed the director. “She’s been under a lot of stress recently, and the drinking and drugs have just compounded that. We’re all very supportive of Peppa, and we wish her all the best. The rumours of a spin-off, post watershed adventure without Peppa aren’t true, and we hope to see her back on our screens soon,”

Police Warning: Dangerous Boris Johnson Ecstasy

Police have issued a warning to drug users, following the circulation of a batch of so-called ‘Boris Johnson ecstasy’ which has been linked to recent deaths.

boris johnson ecstasy

Police forces across the country are advising drug users of the dangers of ‘Popping a Boris’, especially users that are likely to ingest more than one Boris at a time.

“Multiple Boris’s can be especially dangerous,” said a top London drug coordinator. There have been several deaths linked with drug users taking up to seven Boris’s in one night.

“Provisional forensic tests on the drug indicate that the tablets that led to the deaths contained a particularly dangerous and harmful ingredient known as A.R.S.E, known by its street name Arse. Arse is highly addictive, and it is not unknown for regular users of Arse to become withdrawn and moody. Too much Arse results in an overdose, known as an Arseflop. The Boris Johnsons on the street right now are thought to contain over three times the recommended dosage of Arse.

Anyone with any information about the contaminated batch can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.