Record Number Of Bushes Trimmed On World Naked Gardening Day

‘World Naked Gardening Day’ was held yesterday, and has been declared a resounding success by green-fingered naturists.

naked gardening day

Despite health & safety concerns, only one mishap was reported, when a woman from Buckinghamshire accidently clipped a low-hanging fruit whilst pruning with her husband.

The event has brought communities together in Stoke-on-Trent, where a whole street gathered to admire an oversized marrow.

“I didn’t even know there were so many gardeners on this street,”

Said Mrs Davies from number 74 Badger Avenue.

“If you look up and down the street now, you’ll see lots of hoes just lying about in the gardens. My husband was admiring next door’s hoe this morning. He told me the rhubarb next door is smashing. He reckons the grass is greener over there too, but I’m sure we can fix that with a can of Evergreen,”

Many old bushes got a new lease of life, with their first proper trim for many years. Some gardeners preferred a minimalist approach to pruning, but the Women’s Institute in Southport were quick to point out that while fashionable, many actually preferred a more vigorous bush, and demonstrated a selection of tastefully trimmed foliage on their Twitter account.

A pair of uphill gardeners from Brighton invited the neighbours over to view their lovely cucumbers in their back garden, and the day ended with tea, scones and a firm commitment to naked gardening in the future.

“This has been such a great day,”

Said Laura Smith, one of the couple’s neighbours.

“I’ve never really spoken to my neighbours much before. But when you see such spectacular vegetables, you can’t help but pop your head over and say hello. It’s really brought us much closer as a community. I say rock on next naked gardening day!”