Madonna Slips Drake 10p And A Werther’s Original

Wearing a black tank top that read “Big As Madonna’ and kinky boots, 56 year old mother of four Madonna ended a set at Coachella, by reaching into her handbag and slipping 28 year old singer Drake a shiny 10p and a Werthers Original toffee. She topped off the friendly gesture with a sloppy granny-kiss.


Canadian singer Drake said afterwards:

“Erm, I suppose it was a nice gesture. You can’t really buy much with 10p these days, but she probably got confused and thought it was a shiny sixpence.  I think the Werther’s Original had been in the bottom of her handbag for some time, because it was covered in fluff. I’m really glad her false teeth didn’t fall onto my face,”

Rumours that Madonna asked Drake if he would like to “see some puppies” remain unconfirmed.


  1. Can’t buy much with 10p, you’ll get a couple of penny carmels in the sweet shop up my way


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