Korean Lobster Wasps Issue Disembowling Threat

This is the fourth in a five part series on the effect of climate change on our insect population.

In response to hostile behaviour from the Pomeranian Bollock-Wasp, the Lobster Wasps of North Korea have issued a statement, in the form of a mysterious parchment approximately 2 inches long.

wasp threat

The tiny document is made of chewed up newspaper, and features several lines of enigmatic symbols. Above the wasproglyphics is a finely rendered drawing of the head of a Korean soldier wasp. It appears to be wearing the balls of a Pomeranian worker wasp as a hat.

“This is most unusual,” said Doctor Gordon Bennet, poring over the tiny manuscript with a magnifying glass. “They must have some kind of technology that we are not fully aware of. This is very intimidating behaviour,”

Dr. Bennet is still decoding the unusual text at the bottom of the page.

“My best guess is that it describes a situation where the Korean wasps are flying about laughing hysterically, wearing hats made out of the balls of the Bollock wasps, after ruthlessly slaughtering their entire colony and daubing obscene drawings and taboo wasp swear words on the wall in excrement, and then uploading the footage to Youtube as a warning,”

Read part 1 here

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